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  • How long do dental implants last?

    Since getting dental implants is not cheap, a lot of patients are concerned about how long their new teeth will last. So if I get a dental implant today, how long will it serve me for? Even though it is quite difficult to answer with an exact number, it is the answer you’d want to hear.

  • What you didn’t know about cavities

    Когда у пациентов в Барселоне появляется кариес, очень важно как можно скорее посетить зубного врача для диагностики и лечения. Скорее всего вы не знаете, что если его не лечить, это может привести к серьезным проблемам. Невыявленный и непролеченный кариес - это не просто небольшой дискомфорт и п...

  • Why do my gums bleed?

    When patients ask their dentist in Barcelona, “why do my gums bleed?,” they usually hear about one common problem known as gingivitis.
    What is gingivitis?

  • 9 mistakes you probably commit when brushing your teeth. How to save tooth enamel?

    Did you know that only 2 out of 10 people really care for their teeth in a proper way? The rest still make a lot of mistakes, even if brushing regularly. It would seem that there is nothing easier - just brush your teeth twice a day, and everything will be fine. However, in reality everything is...

  • Dental services in Barcelona. Wisdom tooth in pain.

    Sometimes you may experience pain in your wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars and people often get them before they turn 30.

  • My dentures don’t fit. Should I consider implants?

    Patients, who have used full dentures, are often unhappy with their functionality, when they don’t fit properly. In such cases, we recommend visiting our dental clinic in Barcelona to determine the reason behind the poor fit and discuss the possibility of getting the implant-supported dentures....